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JR Templin Scholarship







The Templin scholarship is one of the most lucrative and well supported post graduate scholarships in engineering and horticulture given in New Zealand: it covers tuition costs and the reasonable costs of travel, accommodation and related living expenses for the duration of the study period. The funds for this scholarship are provided by a trust, established by the late John Richard Templin, a graduate of Ohio State University and for many years a Consulting Engineer in Christchurch, who died in 1961. The trustee is Perpetual Guardian which is the trading name of The New Zealand Guardian Trust Co. Ltd.



The Templin Travelling Scholarship is open to persons as follows:-


University of Canterbury


University of Canterbury - Engineering Scholarships


To persons who have graduated at the University of Canterbury with a Degree in Engineering in any one of its branches or who have qualified by examination for the award of such a degree.


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New Zealand Engineering Scholarships


University of Lincoln


Lincoln University -  Horticulture Scholarships


To persons who have graduated at the University of Lincoln with a Degree in:

Bachelor of Science, Plant and Horticultural Major

Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Agricultural Science

Bachelor of Commerce (Agricultural) in Horticultural Management

Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology

Diploma in Organic Husbandry (Level 5)

Diploma in Horticultural Management (Level 6)


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New Zealand Horticulture Scholarships


The scholarship is tenable for research, higher studies or advanced practical experience in Engineering or in Horticulture at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio (J R Templin graduated in 1903 with a degree of mechanical engineering) or at any other institution or organisation in the United States of America or Canada, approved by the Trustee and Selection Committee.


The tenure of the Scholarship is normally one year. It will be extended for a second year where this is necessary for a recipient to undertake a structured course approved by the Trustee and the Selection Committee.


Candidates must be under the age of thirty, British or New Zealand and of good health and character.


The Scholar shall be devoted wholly to the objects of the Scholarship and must not hold any position of emolument without the permission of the Trustee. The Scholar must give an undertaking to return to New Zealand on the expiry of the Scholarship and engage in Engineering or Horticulture for at least two years, and if required, enter into a bond accordingly.


Applications will be called in September with a closing date of 31 October. Applications must be made on the appropriate Application Form to the Client Manager, Perpetual Guardian which is the trading name of The New Zealand Guardian Trust Co Ltd, PO Box 112, Christchurch 8140.


Applicants will be required to provide an outline of the proposed course of study and shall nominate a preferred and an alternative place of study. Applicants will also be required to provide the names of three referees, at least one of who shall be a senior member of the faculty or department in which he/she is or has studied.


Applicants will be required to attend an interview in mid-December: successful applicants will be required to confirm the proposed course of study, confirm acceptance by the institution concerned and provide a detailed budget by 1 February.



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