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Matthew Naysmith


Bruce Wilson

Matthew Naysmith

Alex McKay


Karl Stol

David Stevenson


Jason Clement


Georgina King


Paul Petrie

Frances Rutledge

Dean Saunders


Mark Peldmanis


Robert Baxter

Adam Friend


Karl Davis


Edward Plummer

William Fairbairn


Ian Downes

Luke Fisher


Leili Baghaei Rad

Marjan Baghaie


Jeremy Sanson

Jennifer Lloyd


William Kelton

Richard Pender

Penelope Cole


No Award


Richard Zhang


Daniel Di Somma


Richard Pender


Samuel Corbett-Davis

Sarah Poole


Rebecca Gray

Benjamin Cameron

Thomas Logan


David Collinson

Vincent Major

Joseph Corbett-Davies


Bryce Morrison

Felix Newberry

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Mitchell Page


Mitchell completed a Batchelor of Engineering degree at University of Canterbury where he graduated with First Class Honours GPA 8.75/9.0 graduating April 2016.

I confirm that Mitchell is currently studying a Master of Science (MS) in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University (CSU). When Mitchell applied to CSU to complete the MS he maintained the option to transfer to a PhD. Having experienced the true research experience Mitchell was keen to advance as a PhD student.

Mitchell is seeking to maintain his focus on the development of 3D printed bioresorbable scaffolds for tissue engineering. This involves working around establishing and refining additive manufacturing techniques and mechanically testing constructs to assess the efficacy for particular clinical applications

Long term Mitchel is looking to return to New Zealand where he hopes to create a meaningful impact in bioengineering technology and he would like to take part in the growth of Christchurch bioengineering industry. Mitchell was awarded a Templin Scholarship of US$10,000 with the option of additional support in the future.


Ethan M Thomson


Ethan is currently completing PhD at the University of Canterbury. He is majoring in Civil engineering. His strong academic performance in undergraduate studies enabled him to enter into the PhD research programme bypassing the masterís programme.

He is in his final year of research and expects to complete his PhD requirements by the latter part of 2018

Ethan is looking to complete a Masters of Computer Science at New York University commencing in 2019. The two years master degree will serve as a foundation towards the PhD Research work that Ethan has completed allowing him to build on his existing analytical skills and compliment his earthquake engineering background to solve complex engineering problems.

It is clear from the reports and referees that Ethan has displayed an extremely high level of scholastic achievement during his time at University.

On completing his degree Ethan wants to apply what he has learnt and he has indicated his desire to return to New Zealand.

Ethan was awarded a Templin Scholarship of US$40,000.


Tim Williams


Tim completed a Batchelor of Engineering degree at University of Canterbury where he graduated with First Class Honours in Natural Resources Engineering, graduating April 2016.

From his academic beginnings in the University of Canterburyís Civil and Natural Resources Engineering department he is currently pursuing a PhD in Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan, his interests have always fallen at the intersections of sustainability, engineering, and agriculture.

Having experienced the true research experience Tim was keen to advance his skills in agricultural systems modelling looking at food security and sustainability. He then wants to apply the set of skills gain from his PhD along with the world-leading engineering knowledge and resources from the University of Michigan to make a measurable impact towards this end.

Long term Tim is looking to return to New Zealand where he hopes to collaborate with leading experts as well as having interaction with government and policymakers to create meaningful impact in his chosen field

Tim was awarded a Templin Scholarship of US$30,000.


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