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J.R Templin Scholarship History





Mr J R Templin was born in America, and although he lived in New Zealand continuously since 1910 upon his passing in 1961, he still maintained his United States citizenship. He graduated in 1903 from Ohio State University with a degree of mechanical engineering and foreseeing the value of steam turbines in the future, took a job which brought him to New Zealand in 1905 to install the steam turbines for the Christchurch Tramways Board. During his stay he met and married Mrs Templin. In 1906 he was installing turbines in Bangkok, Siam (Thailand), but came back to settle in New Zealand in 1910. He too felt the lure of the gold fields although in a slightly different form for his first job after settling was as an electrical engineer to a gold mining concern on the West Coast. Later, in 1914, he set up as a consulting engineer in Christchurch, and continued in this profession until his retirement in 1938. He was on the board of directors of Skellerup Industries Limited and of several companies in the Skellerup group including the Dominion Salt Company Ltd and was actively engaged with these and other concerns.


J R Templin Trust Scholarship

Mr Templin's horticultural activities and interests were wide. Besides belonging to specialist societies such as the New Zealand Lily Society and the New Zealand Rose Society, he was also a member of the Christchurch Beautifying Association and the Civic Beautification Committee, which catered for the wider field intimately connected with the public interest. In 1937 he was elected to the management committee of the Canterbury Horticultural Society, became its chairman in 1942 and its president in 1956. The Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture unanimously resolved that the distinctive title of Associate of Honour of the Institute should be conferred upon Mr J R Templin of Christchurch. This honour is only granted to persons who have rendered distinguished service to horticulture, and their number was limited to a maximum of forty at any time. There was no one more richly deserving of this signal honour, for few men had done as much for horticulture in Canterbury as John Templin.

Horticulture and engineering Scholarships

Horticulture and engineering were his two loves and Mr Templin planned to further them when he and Mrs Templin were no longer amongst us. The John Templin Trust came into existence and provided Scholarships, dependent upon finances available, for a student of proved merit in engineering and another of approved merit in horticulture, to spend a year in advanced training in America. Naturally, being an old student of Ohio State University, Mr Templin was keen that, if possible, scholarship holders should attend courses at the excellent schools of engineering and horticulture there, but wisely, did not make this binding to the individual student. Research work, commercial work or advanced study were all envisaged as fields for which the scholarships would be applicable. Mr Templin saw his scholarships as assisting not only the advancement of horticulture and engineering, but of New Zealand herself, and for this reason scholarship holders were bound to return to New Zealand for two years to use the skill which they obtained overseas.



Horticulture and engineering Scholarships


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